Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

So you need guidance on how to earn money online in India without investment, right? then you have come to the very right place.

First, let me tell you my story:

In Sep 2013, I started searching for ways to make money online in India just for fun & to prove others that the internet can generate you money.

During that time, I failed several times because I had no knowledge and there were no proper guides available, but slowly I started understanding how the internet worked.

After trying this & that for 3 months finally, I succeeded. My first online income was just Rs 6 but you know what? it felt like magic.

Back then, I was a B Tech 1st year student but the days passed on very quickly and my online experience & income kept increasing.

When I was in 4th year of B Tech, I earned $500 (Rs 30k) per month just by working for 1 – 2 hrs a day. That made me decide to choose the internet as a full-time income source.

So that is how I turned my interest into a full-time income source.

how to earn money online

I hope your online journey will start from here because I have written about all of the money earning methods that made me money.

You’ll not have to look anywhere else to learn how to earn money online without investment.

So this post is going to teach you about 10 different ways to make money online not only in India but from any country.

Contents of this Post:

Earn Money Online in India with 10 Legit Methods

Category 1: Very easy but non-professional ways to earn money online

1: Earn from PTC Sites
2: Earn by taking Online Surveys
3: Do Micro Jobs
4: Earn by Solving Captchas

Category 2: Little hard but professional ways to earn money online

5: Become a Freelancer
6: Become a Content writer
7: Start a Blog
8: Make Money through Affiliate Marketing
9: Buy & Sell Domains
10: Make Money Online with YouTube
Bonus: Earn money by teaching online

What all I will need to start earning online?

Lets Start Earning Money!

Earn Money Online in India with 10 Legit Methods

I am saying this one more time. You can earn money online using these methods not only from India but from any country because the internet is available to everybody.

2 ways to earn money

I have divided money making methods into 2 categories.

1: Non-professional ways
2: Professional ways

The first category consists of non-professional & easy money making methods but those methods will not make you rich.

The second category consists of little hard but professional ways to make money.

Those methods will guarantee you money for a very long time but you need to work very hard in the beginning to achieve success.

Earning money online can be very easy & exciting but at the same time, it can be very difficult as well. It all depends on you & how you are going to execute things.

Category 1: Easy but Non-Professional Ways to Make Money Online

These online jobs are very easy and require no investment at all. You also don’t need to have any experience to earn money from these methods.

I have written in-depth articles about each of these methods on individual pages. You can refer those pages to learn more.

1: Earn from PTC Sites

PTC sites are one of the best & simplest ways to earn money online in India without investment. PTC stands for paid-to-click that means you will be paid just for viewing advertisements.

click ads and earn money

You cannot earn high income just by clicking ads that’s why PTC sites also have several other ways to earn such as referral program, surveys, tasks, offers & more.

So far I’ve made thousands of dollars from PTC sites. My favorite ways to earn money from PTC sites are clicking ads, referral program & tasks.

To earn money from PTC sites,

All you need to do is create an account(registration is free) on any PTC site you are willing to work, then login to your account daily and click ads or complete offers & tasks.

If you want more information on paid-to-click sites or want a list of best PTC sites to earn money then check this best PTC earnings guide.

Neobux is the worlds best PTC site, you can join it here.

There are hundreds of PTC sites but only a few of them are genuine so I recommend you to join the only PTC sites that are mentioned on that page.

2: Earn by taking Online Surveys

If you want to make money online by simply giving your opinion or feedback on the products or services that many companies produce then online surveys will be a perfect option for you.

Take online surveys for money

Online surveys consist of very simple questions in the form of multiple choice, you just need to select the right choice based on your opinion.

You can earn from Rs 30 – 300 by taking a single survey which can take from 5 – 60 minutes to complete.

There are many companies who want to know the opinions of the people about their products or services they offer. Online surveys help them to know what their customers like and what not.

That way the companies keep improving their products or services by conducting online surveys regularly.

To conduct surveys the companies pay money to the online survey sites and those survey sites will pay money to the people who complete those surveys.

To earn money from online surveys you need to join some survey sites and start taking surveys.

If you want to earn money by taking online surveys then check out the list of best survey sites here and start earning.

3: Do Micro Jobs

The term “Micro Jobs” means very tiny jobs. There are many websites that will pay you for doing very small jobs like

1: Liking/Sharing on Facebook
2: Downloading files & apps
3: Sign up on websites & newtellers
4: Watching videos & websites
5: Reviewing Products and much more.

Yes, you can make money by doing the above works.

Micro Jobs will not produce you much money but you can surely make enough income to fill your pocket with extra cash.

The below link will take you to a page where I have written a step-by-step guide on how to earn money doing micro jobs. You will also find a list of best micro job sites there.

Online Micro Jobs | Earn $150+ PM with 5 best Micro Job Sites.

4: Earn by Solving Captchas

Captcha solving is yet another one of the simplest ways to earn money without paying anything.

To make money by this method, you need to join some Captcha solving sites that will pay you money for solving Captchas.

If you don’t know what are Captchas then look at the following image. You will also see Captchas while registering on many websites.

online captcha samples

Captchas are mainly used as a security purpose so that robots cannot enter.

Captchas come in many varieties such as image Captcha, voice Captcha, etc. You can earn from $0.30 – $2 by solving 1000 Captchas.

Check out this Captcha solving jobs guide to earn money by solving Captchas.

You may also like reading: 5 Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

Category 2: Not so Easy but Professional Ways to Earn Money Online

All of the methods that I am going to write below cannot give you money instantly(except Freelancing & Content writing)

Some will even take 3+ months to generate you money but the plus point is that the income generated through most of these methods will be stable.

You can start earning money from any of the below methods without investment but if you want to speed up things then you can invest some money.

5: Become a Freelancer

Have you ever heard the word “freelancer”? if you haven’t then I am going to tell you what it means.

An Awesome Freelancer

A Freelancer is a person who works from home on others projects. Freelancers have no bosses & they work only when they want.

That may sound a little bit different but you can become a freelancer as well if you have any skills such as audio/video editing, animation, Photoshop, web development, etc.

You can use your skills to earn money by working on others projects. You will be your own boss because you will work for someone only when you want.

To start working as a freelancer you need to join some sites called as freelancing sites. Then you need to bid on the projects that relate to your skills.

If you get hired then you should complete the given work to earn money.

Check this freelancing jobs guide to find detailed information about freelancing.

6: Become a Content Writer

Content writing is the only money making method that can generate you money today itself but you need to write a good piece of content.

Content writing has a huge demand because there are several thousands of website who are dependent on content to survive.

If you are good at English grammar & can write pretty interesting readable content then there is no reason why you should no be a content writer.

write for money

There are several people who make more than enough money just by writing for 3 – 4 times a week.

As a beginner, you cannot make huge money by writing but with experience & time, your income will skyrocket.

If you start writing from today then your income per 500-word content will be around $3(Rs 180) and if you keep writing good content then you can earn up to $70 for doing same.

Check out this content writing jobs guide to learn how to earn money by writing content step-by-step.

7: Start a Blog

Blogging is really an amazing way to earn money online. A blog can generate very stable income for years if done properly.

earn money by blogging

Generally, a blog is a website that talks about a specific thing or several things. For example, this( is a blog where I write about several ways to earn money online without investment.

Now you may be thinking how I will earn by doing this? it is very simple I promote affiliate links & I display third-party ads such as Adsense to earn money from this blog. The more visitors I get the more I earn.

There are many bloggers who earn in Lakhs of rupees every month from their blogs.

If you want to start a blog then you need to be very patience & hardworking because blogging is not something that will generate you money within few days. A blog can take from 1 – 7 months to generate income.

You can start a blog on any topic. You can write about weight loss, cooking, shopping, etc.

A blog can be started with or without investment but if you really want to build a blog for stable income then I recommend you to invest. You can start a blog with as low as Rs 2000 per year.

Check this how to create a blog step-by-step guide to learn everything about blogging.

8: Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the web’s most popular way of making money online. It is very similar to selling products & the amount you can earn through affiliate marketing is unlimited.

affiliate marketing

Suppose you want to sell something offline, first you need to purchase that product at cheap price & then you need to sell that product for high to make a profit.

But in case of affiliate marketing, you don’t need to purchase any product in order to sell. All you need to do is join affiliate programs and promote their products by using the affiliate links provided by them.

When someone purchases their product using your affiliate link then you will get a commission. The products you will be promoting can be a physical or a digital good.

For example, let say you are promoting a product which costs Rs 30,000. If the commission rate per sale is 20% then when you make a sale, you will earn 20% of Rs 30,000 (i.e Rs 6,000).

You can sell that product as many times as you want. The more sales you bring the more you will earn. You can promote affiliate products through Facebook, WhatsApp, blog, etc

To start affiliate marketing, join any affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, etc and start promoting their products using your affiliate link.

9: Buy & Sell Domains

Buying & selling domains, also called as domain flipping is one of the oldest methods to make money online. You can buy domains at cheap prices and can sell them for high to a make profit.

Every website has a name & that name is called as a domain. For example, the domain of this website is

You can buy a domain for $10 and can sell it for as high as 10 to 1000 times in value.

buy and sell domain

But domain flipping is not something that can make you rich overnight. To buy & sell domains successfully, you need to have good knowledge on what you are doing.

If you want to buy domains then you can buy them from cheap from domain registrar sites like Namecheap & Godaddy.

10: Make Money Online with YouTube

Due to a reduction in the cost of mobile data rates, YouTube has become a regular visiting place for millions of people in India.

People are directly visiting YouTube to search for something instead of visiting Google.

If you think that you can make very interesting videos that can engage your visitors then YouTube can generate you huge amounts of money.

To start a YouTube channel you need to decide a topic first. Generally, channels having tutorial videos, Entertainment/funny videos grow faster.

After your channel becomes popular, you can monetize it with Adsense ads or Affiliate links to generate money from it.

Due to so much competition, YouTube is becoming a harder place to earn money online so plan everything properly before starting a channel.

Bonus: Earn Money by Teaching Online

Do you have knowledge about something? and do you like to teach in order to earn money? Then you can join online teaching websites like Udemy, Teachable, Lynda, etc.

teach and earn money

You can create your online courses and can sell them on those websites. When students enroll in your courses then you will earn money.

On online teaching websites, the competition will be little high because many instructors will be teaching about the same thing.

So in order to make your online courses popular, you need to create awesome courses at a cheap price.

You can also create a YouTube channel or a blog to earn money by teaching.

What all I will need to start Earning Online?

To start earning online you don’t need to have any educational qualifications or experience. Age & Gender doesn’t matter as well.

College Students, housewives, retired people, etc can earn money online without investment.

To make money online, you should have basic English knowledge along with the following requirements.

1: Patience & Time
2: A PC/Laptop with internet connection(Smart Phones too but it will be hard)
3: An Email Account
4: A Bank Account
5: Money(about Rs 3000) if you want to create a website/blog.

If you don’t have a bank account now then don’t worry because creating a bank account just takes about 1 – 2 days.

Also, a bank account will be asked only when you want to withdraw your earned money.

Lets Start Earning Money!

I hope you have read this post & have decided which way you want to go!

If you didn’t read it then scroll above & start reading because I have written about top 10 ways to earn money online without investment.

One thing is certain, nothing is easy these days! So, in order to achieve something you need to work hard at any cost. If you give up early then you won’t succeed.

The internet is for only people who work hard & take actions. You may face many problems in the beginning but those problems will only make you stronger.

Once you get a taste of success then you will be unstoppable. Good Luck!

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