5 Easy Ways to Make Money from home – No Investment

eays ways to make money from home

You have free time and are you looking for extra income? do you want easy ways to make money from home without investment? then you are at right place!

On this page, you will find very easy ways to make money from home. The below methods are perfectly suitable for students, home makers, retired persons, etc..

If you want to start earning from home then you need to meet certain criteria which are described below.


Make Money from home: Requirements?

1: PC or Laptop with internet connection
2: A Gmail Account
3: A Bank Account
4: A PayPal or a Payza account

To make money from home you need to have PayPal and Payza accounts because the funds you earn will be sent to your PayPal or Payza account and from there you can transfer your money to bank.

How to create a PayPal account for free?

Step 1: Click on the following link : PayPal

Step 2: Click on Sign Up button. You will find it on top right corner.

Step 3: Select individual or Personal account and click on “Get Started button”

PayPal signup

Step 4: Fill your correct email address and password. Please make sure that you are using a true email address and try to choose a strong password. Click on Continue button to proceed further.

Step 4: In the next step fill other details like your first name, last name, address, etc… Please make sure that you are filling correct details as these details will be very important for verification of your account.

Step 5: In the next step you will be asked to fill your credit or Debit card details. You can skip this step as it is optional. You can even skip adding bank account details and can add those details later.

Step 6: Check your email and verify your email address. Congratulations now you have your own PayPal account. You can use your email address to receive Payments from the site you work.

How to create a Payza account for free?

Creating Payza account is very similar to creating PayPal account.

Step 1: Click on the link : Payza

Step 2: Click on the Sign Up button. You will find it on top. Next Select and click on “Open your free Personal Account” button.

Payza Sign Up

Step 3: Fill your details and Please make sure that every details you enter about yourself is absolutely true. Click on proceed next. Fill or skip details such as Credit or Debit Cards, Bank Account because you can fill these details later.

Step 4: Verify your email address. Now your account is ready to go. You can verify your Payza account completely by submitting them the required documents. You can still use your Payza account without submitting them documents. Use your email address to receive funds from sites.

1: Earn money from PTC sites

PTC(paid-to-click) sites pay their members who click and view the displayed ads on their sites. All of us view television ads daily but no one pays us for viewing them but PTC sites pay us to view advertisements.

PTC sites are very easy ways to earn make Money from home without investment. You don’t need to have any experience at all, even a kid can earn money from PTC sites if he knows how to hold a mouse and click on ads.

This is how PTC sites work: You join PTC sites and click ads on them and once you reach the minimum amount you can request your payment to your PayPal or Payza account.

Find a list of Best PTC sites, and start earning money, also know how to earn from PTC sites.

2: Earn money from Captcha typing Jobs

make money from home - captchaCaptcha solving is one of the very easy ways to make money from home. You are just required to fill in the image that is displayed in front of your screen.

You might be very familiar with captchas as almost all sites these days display captchas and ask us to verify that we are human. See the sample of a captcha from the provided image .

Captcha solving just requires typing skills, the faster you type the more money you can make from captcha typing. You can earn about $1 – $2 per 1000 solved captchas.

3: Make money by taking online Surveys

make money from home surveysSurveys are one of the simplest methods to make money from home as you don’t require any skills. Top companies want your opinion about their products or services.

In Surveys, you are just required to give your opinion/feedback on the products or services you use. In this, method you need to select some options(like choose the correct answers). Each survey take from 2 minutes to 30 minutes to complete and based on the type and duration of Surveys you will be paid a certain amount.

You can earn from $0.10 to $30 by taking surveys online. ClixSense is one of the best sites to make money from home by taking Surveys. Join ClixSense and start earning by taking surveys.

4: Make money from Get-Paid-To(GPT) sites.

GPT sites are very similar to PTC sites. On PTC sites you click advertisements to earn money but on GPT sites you need to do simple tasks like downloading apps, Registering accounts of other sites and by other simple tasks.

GPT sites are in fact very easy ways to make money from home. I have been working on PTC and GPT sites since 3 years and has made a healthy income so far.

Join the following two sites and start earning by performing simple tasks: ClixSense & InstaGC

5: Earn money from Youtube Channel

Youtube is the 2nd most ranked website in the world, after Google. It is visited by hundreds of millions of peoplemake money from home - youtube world wide. Youtube is a Videos search engine.

In modern days Youtube has become a very popular way to make money from home. People of all ages can make money from Youtube if they know how to make very interesting and quality videos. You can use various ad network like Adsense, etc to make money from Youtube.

If you have a Youtube channel and if your videos are getting about 1 Million views each then you can earn about $500 – $2000 from a single video.


So, as per my experience, these are the very easy ways to make money from home. You can start earning money online by choosing any of those methods. Remember you need to have PayPal and Payza account to receive payments from most of the sites.

Check: How to earn money from home – Step by step guide

If you have any questions on any of those methods then please leave a comment below.

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